Be Calm and Be Cool

I have often heard this that you should never take an important decision when you are extremely happy or extremely sad and I guess I have mentioned this in my blogs a number of times so let’s talk about why it’s imperative to stay calm and stay cool. In life you come across a number … Continue reading Be Calm and Be Cool

Thinking Hard

Another thing which I believe is that our thought process should be in the present and not in the past or future .See, the past is gone and it cannot be altered , the future is yet to come which depends on our present . There are numerous incidents when we mess up our present because of our past or because of the anxiety that future brings with it .


But the truth was that my heart really did not like studying those subjects, I had given up the aim of joining the armed forces through NDA and I never had passion for pursuing engineering. I had to force myself to sit and study and to be honest it seemed like a herculean task. It won’t be wrong to say that during those dreadful months of 12th I had zero concentration power which made the matters worse.