This time that we have on our hands has forced almost everyone to reflect upon their lives and their ways of living. The last few months have been tough for me because a lot of realizations came to me and I often spend endless nights keeping awake. I don’t know whether this habit is good or bad, but I overthink and I don’t forget things easily especially the things which I did wrong or where I was insulted or humiliated.  In other words, I am disturbed and the worst part of that I could not tell anybody about it, occasional talks with friends does calm me down but depression has become a constant companion.


But the truth was that my heart really did not like studying those subjects, I had given up the aim of joining the armed forces through NDA and I never had passion for pursuing engineering. I had to force myself to sit and study and to be honest it seemed like a herculean task. It won’t be wrong to say that during those dreadful months of 12th I had zero concentration power which made the matters worse.

Polyandrous Queens -Why not?

Now, this particular thing caught my attention and upon hearing the name “Elizabeth”, Queen Elizabeth popped up in my mind. Then somehow I tried to ask myself that did she marry seven times? But soon realized that she did not, she just had one husband. This realization gave rise to yet another interesting thought in my mind as to why didn’t the queens in the royal era have multiple husbands just like their contemporary male rulers. I made my mother aware of this peculiar thought and then she began to answer my query.

You are all mine

So this particular piece has been in the making for almost a month and now it's fully completed. A friend of mine wanted a poem to dedicate to her boyfriend (who happens to be my friend again) to show him how much she loves him. So guys here it is and extremely sorry for such a delay @addie and @chiku