Terrorism – The reason behind the unrest in the world

“War is never good”, this is one of the dialogues that I still remember after watching the Hollywood flick ‘Black Hawk Down’. Modern warfare is now not just a combat between countries but between a group of people who have their own agendas. We have a term called terrorist for these individuals.

Who are terrorists? Some of them are geniuses capable of influencing masses but moving in the wrong track of life. The problem of terrorism has never been an issue that was taken lightly but lately it has become an emergency that needs our utmost attention. To be frank it is just use of sheer violence in order to create terror and as a result, many families and societies have been uprooted

I consider them as cowards and people incapable of living normally in this world; they don’t even deserve a place in our world. How can people lose their humanity? There are still many places in this world where people live their lives in extreme fear. They are not even sure whether they would live to see the next day.

I feel from the bottom of my heart that we are responsible for the growing number of terrorists. The universal truth that we must be aware of  is that most of these fearless devils are very young. The main reason for such young recruits joining terrorist forces is the lack of the basic amenities of life. These just include a small house, clothes and the most important food which is not available to them and when they see other people with the same basic amenities, feeling of injustice forms in the young minds of these poor people.

In a scenario where a family is starving and if one member of the family is asked to kill someone or even drop a bomb with the assurance that the payment that he would receive would enable him to alter the way his family is living, how many men in that frame of mind would refuse to take this brutal offer?


United States paratroopers airborne infantrymen in the desert rescuing their brother

There are some people who would take a moral stand but many may maintain a very practical approach in their mind that is, if one sacrifice can change the condition of the others, then there is no harm in doing so. Well this is the typical mindset of these people and I believe that it would be pointless to even comment on their mentality because of the fact that these people in most of the cases lack basic education. I don’t know how many of you might agree with me but I am of the opinion that education can bring substantial changes in the mindset of an individual and as a result bring about a greater change in the society. Actually education is something that makes a person wise and helps them to judge what is right and wrong, but when you lack this key element, everything seems right even when something is really wrong or downright evil.

Terror groups influence people by promising them money , food and a luxurious afterlife and as a result an individual is amazingly brainwashed when she/he joins a terrorist group these people misuse their rights. Come on, it does not mean that if you have freedom of speech and expression then you would forget your limits and say whatever you want and also break every limit. Something needs to be done because they are just transforming our peace-loving society in a battlefield. Who has given them the right to kill innocent people, disgrace women, destroys people’s home and leave them homeless, this is the biggest question that is still not yet answered.

They defend themselves by saying “WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR RELIGION”. I would like to ask which religion teaches, that killing people would preserve the faith you believe in.

The fact is that terrorists have no feelings and they have no religion.

Our youths are extremely distracted in this modern and advanced world and the society is not helping them.. Something concrete and useful must be done before it is too late. It’s a wakeup call for us and maybe a warning before each individual starts struggling for survival. It’s time the world unites and we unite to remove terrorism from its grassroots.

PS: Please do let me know what you think about it  ,share your opinions and let us spread this discussion

14 thoughts on “Terrorism – The reason behind the unrest in the world

  1. lostintransalation79 says:

    I think what drives it is the same reason most inner city teens join gangs. They are looking for a place to belong, a place to feel welcome. Even if the gang is wrong, they feel a sense of purpose. Most people join religions for the exact same reason. To have a sense of purpose and belong to something bigger than themselves. I think this is why the two are easily confused. Great piece, very thought provoking!

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    • raoulworks says:

      I am glad that you liked my piece and yea its true that teens join these gangs for the reasons you mentioned . But i feel from the bottom of my heart that it a grave issues that needs to be addressed. I’ll try to keep up with my quality , thanks for stopping by

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  2. Cari says:

    “The main reason for such young recruits joining terrorist forces are the lack of the basic amenities of life”…. Interesting point. Deprive one, unleash the beast within…that kind of thing. It’s going to be worse… Unless we do something about people being deprived…

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