“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
                                                                                                                     Albert Einstein

Our imagination can do wonders that’s what I really believe in. This piece of poetry just happened. It’s extraordinary that without previous preparation, we can still write a poem. Here’s my imagination:-

I look up at the sky

I look at the ground

I sense someone around

walking on the ground

trying to see I bend down


I find someone looking at the town

I walk up to him with a smile

but for him it tasted like bile

he is a man in  grief

that’s what he tells me in brief

has lost someone so dear

that he couldn’t even go near

he looks at me with those meek eyes

which are full of those lovely goodbyes


I ask him not to lose hope

& ask him to look up at the sky

so that he could reach high

I look up at the sky

I look on the ground to find no one around

was it just my imagination playing

with my perception

We all imagine something beautiful and out of the world , do share your imagination with me , I am eagerly waiting.

And do share what you think about this poem. I would love to know your opinion.


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