Lets talk about stage fear

We all at some point of time might have given a speech to a large audience or just spoke in front of a mirror for an interview practice or in any other place . But we cannot deny the fact that all of us have experience of public speaking or speaking on stage (most of us to be precise). The experiences may vary in their nature, either good or bad.

Let’s consider this fact as true that even good speakers and orators have had bad experiences regarding this. They too started as beginners and did not become perfect overnight; to be honest Rome wasn’t built in a day. To be perfect, it takes time, practice and patience, the TPP formula. It’s been 10 years since I have been speaking on stage although I am just 15; I took to stage at a very young age. To be honest here , it’s quite simple to speak on stage when you are a kid because firstly people don’t expect much from you at that time and you always have the “ I am just  a kid “ excuse to  get away and the second reason you don’t have anything to lose , if you speak well, Boy!! You nailed it! but even if you fail, you can get away, but as soon as you get into middle school and secondary school, there is no scope for  mistakes. And in any case if you are known to be a good speaker then a slight mistake can ruin your reputation.

By the way I did not mean to scare people here who haven’t tried speaking in public. Coming back on the topic that urged all the readers to take a look at this article, the stage fear is what frightens most of us, and it does frighten me too. The fact that many people will be looking at us , we all hesitate and get nervous.


Well public speaking is an herculean task and not everyone has the guts to do it and if you had the courage to get up and speak then you are a brave person. The most common reaction that I have observed is that people laugh when we stammer on stage, it makes the person humiliated, even more nervous and in the end disappointed but we should always keep in mind that it was us who stood on the stage and not them. There will be people who would laugh at you but it’s a reality that they would not be able to step up and even utter a word if they were in your place.


My First ever Inter-school Debate competition. I was adjudged the best speaker.

I am debater so I have a few things to share regarding this fear, after attending numerous competition, one thing that I have noticed is that its imperative to stay focused when you are speaking and apart from that be confident in whatever you are speaking because the audience does not know what the original speech was ,but stick to the topic. This stage fear gets the better of us most of times, and to throw some more light on it, I have a personal experience. Whenever I am in a competition and my chance is about to come the very moment I start to panic, feel hungry, have a headache and need a loo break. So those moments in the competition are quite hard for me and for what I known with my conversation with fellow opponents, it happens with almost everyone.

This was just a few things that I wanted to share because if I add all the things then this article would not end (ha-ha). So people remember that whenever you are on the stage, be confident and don’t block your mind. And before you know you might have inspired people.


If I missed out anything and you have something to share, please do share it with me because I am still learning and would love to know them. Any suggestions are most welcome.


12 thoughts on “Lets talk about stage fear

  1. alaraoluwaseyi says:

    OMG!!! Stage fear can be really disturbing. I got to give a speech at some point, walking up the stage in confidence and the next thing was the stage fear began. But I wasn’t scared or something so I was kinda surprised why the fear in the first place. Didn’t let that deter me though

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    • raoulworks says:

      Yea it can be and I am glad that it did not get the better of you. I guess the key thing is to stay focused and calm and everything will go smoothly.Thank you for taking out your time to read it and for the kind words.

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  2. Raili TANSKA says:

    Stage fear can be so debilitating. i never was comfortable with public speaking, but if I had to , I would do it. Thankfully it did not happen very often 🙂

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  3. Pallavi Ekbote says:

    I have social anxiety so stage fear is an obvious part of it. Once, I had to speak for a political campaign and we were allowed to refer notes. I literally remembered everything I had to say and came in front. When I just spoke 2-3 lines and it was going well, my mind asked me why am I not getting stuck? I have to forget after this sentence. And I really panicked and forgot the next line. I was the reason for letting myself down.

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