Last night I had a fight 

With someone who denied my right

I called that someone as the only one

Who was there to love me

I called her “Mother”

Feeling of hatred floated though my veins

While stepping out on the lane

A dark and cold night greeted me

While the wind whispered it hated me

My head was boiling with anger

And my face turned amber

I was in such a rage

That was wrong at my age

The issue was a minor one

But it drove me mad

I walked, ran, took big steps

On the lane that was inept

To handle my temper

I smashed the public benches

Only to realize I was bestial

Mixed feelings came to my mind

That I wished I could leave behind

I thought of taking an extreme step

But could feel myself being dragged to my own doorstep

Happy memories filled my mind

And my heart said she is so kind

And suddenly my feelings changed

And I was left quit amazed

Her acts of selflessness

Made me realize of my selfishness

Feeling of hatred in my heart

Now seemed like they are far apart

I was so ashamed

That I felt like crying

I have hurt someone so bad

That anyone would b so mad

Finally I got home

Then I saw my mother all alone

I walked to her

And she kicked me

She asked me “where have you been?”

I asked her back “how are you feeling?”

She replied “relived to s you home

At times we regret our actions , let me know what you think about this poem.



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