How to get over obsession

I guess this is a very big word coming from a teenager because a youngster like me who hasn’t seen the real world yet is using this type of a heading for his article. But trust me I guess this the age when most of the individuals are obsessed with one or the other thing be it gadgets, hobby or a person. I have had the experience of getting through a thing for which I was crazy, and I guess it would be right to call it an obsession

  • Try to avoid:- The first step that you need to take is that you need to avoid the thing that you obsessed with or about, be it a thing or a book or hobby or just a person. Just make sure that you avoid it as much as you can. This will help you because you won’t be reminded about it and as long as that thing is out of your sight, you’ll be happy.


  • Don’t think about it:- No matter how determined you are to get over obsession, keeping it away from your mind is a difficult and I should say a herculean task. Try to stay positive and think about positivity in your life



  • Keep yourself busy:- One of the major reason why we can’t get obsession out of your minds is we tend to have empty time, this means time when we have nothing to think about. This is the moment when our brain starts to wander off and it will think about the things you don’t wanna think about (at least this is what happens with me) .So if you keep yourself busy then I am sure you can easily get over obsession


  • Stay Positive:-The thing that comes in our way of success towards anything is our negative thoughts so it becomes utmost important for us to stay positive and it is necessary even we want to defeat a small problem like an obsession.



  • Have a sheer will power:- you won’t be able to get over your obsession unless and unless you have a strong mind and a sheer will power. If you are weak then you will turn back to your obsession again and again.

Obsession or craze is not always negative but can also help us strive to perfection and excellence but it become important for us to identify whether our fad is taking us to the right path or the wrong one .But if it takes us on the wrong journey then it’s time to say goodbye to it.

This was just some useful points that I found helpful so if you are out there struggling with obsession try giving this tips a chance. And if you have some more useful methods do let me know. Suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome.

Stay Young and have a happy life.




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