Happy New Year

I know I am really late in writing this post, to be honest really late. We all welcomed a new year, a new beginning in our lives day before yesterday with full of wishes and lots of hopes. I too welcomed the year with lots of hopes and set goals but all this I did while travelling in a train. Yes I was in a train on 31st night. I had been on a school trip this winter break about which I’ll write the post later and we were returning back to our home town. We [my group] spent the whole 31st day travelling, now we had a four hour gap between our trains so we boys decided that its new year eve, we won’t waste it now that we’re all together, so we spent the next four hours planning and plotting how we were gonna celebrate and everybody knows when boys celebrate, others just hold their heads.

We all boarded the train then after two or three hours later , a elderly man comes to our compartment ,literally gives a warning not to make too much noise and that we go to sleep in five minutes , do you think we were gonna listen , we made the life of all other passengers miserable. Ha-ha this is how I started my new year.

Happy-new-year-background-with-blue-baubles-vector (1).jpg

We all have aims and goals we would like to achieve, I guess we call them New Year Resolutions but how many of us really stick to it? Let’s pack our hatred and sins and throw them out just like the previous year. Last year taught me a lot of things , every day I learned something new , not only things that were positive but things that were negative but would make my life positive. Be it related to people or studies or anything in general.

New opportunities have come to our doorsteps now, it time we leave things which do us more harm than good because life is a matter of holding on and letting go.

I have a prayer for all of you


May you bless every soul

May you give longer life to everyone

Give us challenges but also give us the courage to face it

May you send new people in our life

Bless us so we can make a difference in somebody’s life

Bless those who tirelessly work for our countries and protect it

Help those who lost someone dear

Help those who work for humankind

Give your blessing to all those who are less fortunate than us


Give us sense to distinguish between right and wrong                    

Let all those be defeated who want to harm us

Let there be light in the darkest corners

Let us all be safe under your shelter

May God Bless Us All


Happy New Year







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