#CBSE Leak

As a student of class 10th in India, the session of 2017 -18 was something extraordinary. 10th is the first time in the life of a student when he/ she would be appearing for the “BOARD” exams , and before we, students of class tenth could even realize what kind of a pressure and atmosphere we’ll be facing, we got another shock from the CBSE {Central Board of Secondary Education}. It was this year that the Government and CBSE decided to withdraw the CCE concept of evaluation and introduce the system of education that was practiced 8 to 10 years back. That means till now we studied only half of our textbooks for first term and the other half for the second term but now we would have one examination covering the whole syllabus. Now for people who are not familiar with Board exams or the CCE pattern of evaluation. Here‘s a brief information:-

CCE system was a system in which students were awarded CPGA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), the highest being 10. This was a sheer stupid concept because we actually got marks for free. I won’t go into its detail because then the article would detract away from its topic. However it was a good step to withdraw CCE pattern and introduce the real Board pattern as it would help us in the long run. Now Board exams are important in the life of an Indian student. (This can be judged by observing the number of suicides committed by students of fear of failing this exam). Students have to appear for it twice in their school life, first in 10th for getting the desired subject and in 12th for getting a good college, so getting a good percentage in these two classes is of utmost importance.

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But let me come back to the original theme of the article, if you are an Indian then you would be familiar with the happenings taking place in the country in the last 2 to 3 days. CBSE had confirmed on 28th March that Maths paper of class 10th and Economics paper of Class 12th had leaked and that the students have to sit for a retest.

I am in class 10th, ideally for most of us who haven’t opted for Sanskrit, 28th’s maths paper was the last one and after that we were free. I still remember the day before exam when in my mind I was actually framing a story for my instagram account about how I would express my delight of finally completing my exams. On 28th march, in the morning we all (10thies) went to our center, wrote a 3 hours long paper and were quite happy because the paper was quite easy. We all almost came back at around 2 pm and by 3 pm we got to know that our paper got cancelled and that we are supposed to appear for it again.


You can hardly imagine how furious we all were. Actually we all did not understand how to react. It was kind of mixed feeling. But one thing we knew that our hard work has gone down the drain. We had spent sleepless nights and studied about 15 hours a day for maths. Let me put facts straight here, Math is not an easy subject and if you want to score good you had to study hard and that too, this year we had the whole syllabus rather than in parts. After this incident students started protesting and wanted the re-examination to be cancelled.

But in my opinion we all are the sufferers, because this situation is a lose- lose situation.

First if we give the re-exam, then our 10 to 15 days would be wasted and we might get a tougher paper and second, if we cancel the exam, then the student who had the leaked paper will be at par with the students who honestly worked hard in terms of marks and this is injustice to meritorious students.

Then yesterday CBSE announced that the retest of math would only take place if needed and that too in the states of Haryana and New Delhi. And for the rest of the parts of India, there would be no re examination. Everybody was relaxed yesterday, even me as I went to play with my friends after a gap of almost 1 year. But has this decision really helped us?

In my opinion not at all, because I know how hard I worked and I was actually scoring good marks in it. But now as there would be no retest, this simply means that students who had the leak paper would score good marks too. So what would be the difference between a hardworking pupil and a lazy and dishonest one.  No retest may seem like a good option for all but for toppers who sincerely worked hard, I guess this is unfair.


I would want your feedback too, because this incident has actually played with the lives of students and to be clear our fate hangs in balance.




10 thoughts on “#CBSE Leak

  1. Shubhra Samuel says:

    I agree its disappointing and frustrating but remember that there is always a sliver lining in everything. So hold on to your hope and have faith that God will not let your efforts go waste. He will reward you for your effort.

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  2. Tanishka Pandit says:

    I myself am a class 10th student and I totally accede with you. I understand how hard you might have worked as I too did the same. And now we are really suffering just because of this irresponsible system. Amazing article… I felt as if someone penned down my own feelings.

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    • raoulworks says:

      Thank so much for taking out your precious time to read it . I couldn’t help but agree with you. We all worked hard and indeed it is the irresponsible system that is root cause of our suffering . But in the end I hope our efforts pay off.


  3. Rehana Aamir says:

    Bang on!!
    True feelings…v well expressed…there should be some proper solution….the hard work shld not go in vain and if a retest is decided for other states it shld b done here also…

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    • raoulworks says:

      Thank you so much ma’am for taking out your precious time to read it. And yeah , it the hard-work that we all are worried about. Retest is not a problem for students who have sincerely studied but those who did not work hard are the ones who are scared of re- examination. I just hope for the best. And thank you once again ma’am.


  4. SonniQ says:

    interesting – learning something about the educational system in India. Raoul, it does not matter – not at all if some students “appeared” to be studious against those who genuinely studied. For every cause there is an effect. They will get their effect – because they don’t really know the subject. The day will come in their lives when they have job and they need to know this information. It will cause them to be fired, or not get the job they want. When they go to college they will fail the next level of classes. It ONLY matters that you know you made the best possible effort you could. We are only responsible for what WE do. You can be proud of yourself.

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    • raoulworks says:

      Thank you so much for taking out your time to read it . I am glad that I could provide some insight on the education system in India. And i couldn’t agree more with you. Your words have provided me peace and now I don’t bother about the result , now the thing that matters is how much have I learnt. Thank you once again.


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