Have you ever felt regret after you did something?

Have you ever felt remorse after something had happened because of you?

Have you ever felt guilty for hurting others?

Have you ever felt that you should have controlled your anger?

Have you ever hated being carried away by our emotions?

There is a feeling you feel when you are guilty, it is something that you cannot tell others but you are dying inside. Oh how I hate that feeling but the thing that I hate the most is not being able to control myself. There are certain things I do in a matter of few seconds that takes days to get sorted out. How I wish in that very moment that I controlled myself. When you are angry, you actually become blind and do all the things that you know that you will regret later on but you still do that.

I have many times in my life did things that I have regret about , now I have not something really big that would be really disastrous but small things that have broken the heart of few of the people who care about me. Feeling of being guilty is the worst feeling ever, nobody would ever want to be with that feeling.

Now sometimes you have to control your emotions at time when you know you are right but somebody is continuously trying to prove to you that you are wrong. Then there comes a last straw when you cannot hold it back any longer and you just break off. Sometimes this type of feeling breaks us so much that we commit suicide. I have seen people ending their lives just to be free of that feeling.

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3 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. Shubhra Samuel says:

    Its good to have the “regret” feeling but then its important that one should learn the lesson that arises from the feeling. Learn the lesson and move forward with the conscious feeling of never to repeat the same behavior. That’s what “Regret” teaches us.

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