5 pledges to take this Dusshera

Its been a long time since I wrote , so am back again on this auspicious day😍

1) Pray for others
Have you ever prayed for someone else other than yourself? If not then this is the right time to do so. Praying for your own well being and for our family is what each one of us do . But praying for others is something that will make a difference. Trust me when you do so , it will make you a more positive person and give you immense satisfaction.

2) Forgive everybody
Our lives are too short to hold grudges and keep hatred in our hearts 💓 Let’s pledge to forgive everyone who has wronged us . I know it is easy to say but difficult to actually do so.
Every time you deny forgiveness to someone just remember at that moment we are carrying hatred in our heart . The more hatred we carry in our hearts , the sooner we would be going to our graves .

3) Respect each other
It does not matter whether you are a girl or a boy , everybody deserves equal respect. Let’s respect our loved ones ,companions and people around us irrespective of their caste ,creed ,belief , religion etc . We all our born equal and have the same blood running through our veins .

4) Be real
As we have progressed in our lives , we have lost our own individuality and originality . We believe in making people jealous and we often pretend to be someone we are not . We have become so fake that now it’s difficult for our own eyes to differentiate between reality and deception .Let’s show the world who we really are and don’t bother whether people like us or not . Just live your own self.

5) Save nature
Now this is the most important part that we need to take care and we are continuously destroying our environment and we need to understand that if we exist today it is simply because of nature. It has protected us through centuries but if we destroy it today , then there are chances that there would be no tomorrow for us.

With this I wind up . Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Dusshera.


Raoul 😄


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