Healthy woman makes for a healthy family

Now if you live in India and you happen to be a social enthusiast , then you may have an idea what I am talking about .

Today Pinkathon day was celebrated in multiple cities across India to raise awareness among women regarding their health.

It was a great initiative on the part of the organiser, the Pinkathon ambassador Neha Gupta and her team and it is not a surprise that this event is a brain child of Milind Soman ,who himself is a fitness guru and an idol .

I had never imagined that morning walk and jogging could be so much fun .It was actually aimed at maximum participation of women and they were ably supported by their family especially their menfolk which included their sons , brothers , husbands etc.


It was a 5 km walk /run which started from a city mall and finished there itself. Getting up around 5:30 am that too on a Sunday morning and the last day of Dusshera holidays seemed like a painful task but I had made up my mind to go and so I did and during the whole event , there wasn’t a single moment when I regretted getting up so early. It was well worth missing my precious sleep😍😍

Now during the 5km run /walk , I made a number of observations .One of them was the woman participants determination to complete the task . There were many people who were not sure whether they could go for the 5 km mark but in the end , they did so. One of them was my mother . Then there were exceptions also . While majority of them reached the 5 k mark , there were few who walked a shorter route .

Well the main aim of this walk /run was not to finish the entire run but at least they had the courage to start .Therefore I did not judge but applauded them. But this raises very serious questions about the status of a women’s health in our country.

It’s a fact that we cannot deny that women look after everyone in our country but pay less heed to their health and the worst part is that they don’t have anybody who would take pains to worry about their health untill they are diagnosed with some serious health issue.

I remember, being a boy , I always had and still do have my mom , sister or somebody else to take care of my health even when I pay no attention towards it and as a matter of fact majority of menfolk in our country enjoy this luxury . But what about the womenfolk?

And this is the reason why many women are diagnosed with life threatening diseases at the last stage like cancer and nobody even sees it coming . Being friends with so many biology students I have an idea how important personal well being is .

So now it’s time to step and spread awareness among women and motivate them to test their fitness and wellness. Initiatives like Pinkathon are already doing so but let’s join hands together to promote this in every household 🏠

Let’s keep smiling.

Let’s take care of our mothers /sisters /aunts, in short


Do send me your feedback and suggestions

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Cheers πŸƒπŸƒ



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