5 things that my dog teaches all of us.

My πŸ• name is Duke . Over the year that we has stayed with me , he has taught me a great deal about life and here I share with all of you.

1)Being high on optimizim – Now we all have a tendency of focusing on the negative side of everything that in most cases ,we forget to see the bright side . We all are so quick to give up hope and faith that one failure is enough to break us down .πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

But my dog actually portrays the true meaning of keeping faith and thinking positive . Whenever we go the kitchen this fellow would come and sit down there, hoping to get something to eat even when he had his meal few minutes ago . He most of the time gets back without getting anything but that doesn’t stop him from coming back again with full optimism
2) Never give up – Duke is a hunting dog so he is always on the hunt to find something or the other to play with . Now if he gets his eyes on something then no matter what happens he will get that thing.When I play with him , I often hide his bone under the bed or the cupboard. The chap would be after it no matter how much time it takes . He would be upside down , rolling , sliding but eventually succeeding in getting it out.πŸ€”πŸ€”

3) Being greedy ruins everything – My dog has a very bad habit of taking my socks and clothing and tearing it into tiny bits.Now whenever he does that I put my hand into my pocket and make a fist pretending as if I have something in my palm. He would leave my socks at that very instant and sit down to get the thing that I have. The hilarious thing is that I pick my sock at that time and I never had anything in my palm . So in the end Duke ends up with nothing and losing what he had before .This is exactly what happens with all of us .In order to fill evergreen stomach of greed we lose everything
4)Variety is the essence of life -My four legged creature believes that variety in everything is essential otherwise life is boring. He can never stick to one thing for long time ,he keeps on exploring his options . for example he can’t have rice or Pedigree everyday ,he needs variety , he would never spend much time with any one toy, he need option in that too be it a bone, paper, plastic ,ball or any other thing.Same is applicable to all of us.We need to keep exploring the world to enjoy and appreciate our lives 😍
5)Unconditional love– We humans think so much before loving someone, whether they are a boy or a girl , whether we have the same religion ,caste ,creed , religion . Whether we have the same opinions or ideas . But my dog doesn’t believe in all this , in fact nor do all the pets . They don’t even see that whether we both are the same creature or not , forget about anything else . Everyday when I come back from school and coaching , he is the first one to come to me and complain “why did you leave me alone?” Now isn’t this genuine affection.😘😘😘

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