Steps to understand people

So it’s been a long time since I wrote but as I have mentioned before that somehow writing takes out time for itself. So over a few months, my life has witnessed lots of events and one thing  that we cannot deny is that every event in our life teaches some or the other lesson.

Now we all are surrounded by folks of all kind . Some are very close to us and some not that very close but in the end we all love meeting new people , interacting with them and forming bonds. But  how do you really understand a person whom we form bond with?

Not everyone in this world is attached to us , therefore it becomes really important to understand that the person with whom we wish to share things or  wish to talk to ,feels the same attachment that we feel. Now if somebody is ignoring for a long-long time then that’s a clear indication that the person does not wish to be disturbed by you. But not everybody is so straightforward, there are times when the person won’t ignore you but would try to avoid and when  it comes to text messages the replies would be limited to monosyllables. So if somebody is replying you with just a “yes “ or “hmm” then its time you seriously think where is your conversation going.

The next thing is to understand your place in somebody’s life. Well I umm maybe it not a good thing but I trust easily and get attached to somebody very easily. So if you are attached to somebody then its only natural that you wish to know everything about those people you are attached to and to be honest there is nothing wrong in that but you should be cautious! What I have realized so far is that  it takes time to form a good rapport with people and one thing that we should never do is to get between best friends.

For eg , you are friends with a person whom you don’t know since childhood it does not matter whether it’s a girl or a boy but that person would have somebody with whom he or she shares his/her vulnerabilities with. And I guess that’s what we call best friends. So it turns out never say anything  about the bf even when you are right and never get involved in their personal matters even when you are curious . Because in the end we will end up losing friendship with that person too and this is due to the fact that you are an outsider in this case like a third party. And it also gives the impression that we are violating their privacy. 

Well I did make this complicated but am sure you got the jest of it.

Now the last thing that needs to get inside your brains is that our own self respect is in your own  hands . Never let anybody treat you like trash , the reason why we suffer is because we think that’s what we deserve but its not actually the case.  Give importance to people but never too much.Take initiatives in relationships but remember you should not always be the first to start the conversation ,not always the first to care and never the last to get replies but if that’s not the case then  its time you get of that bond.  

This article was more target based , so  please share your experience so that I can frame a more general one.

Hope you enjoyed reading it



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