Being Independent

So today while reading the newspaper I came across an article which was about a 3 day camp for children. Now in this camp they will be taught about basic life skills such cooking your own meals, organizing things and managing things on your own. Now you might be wondering what is wrong with this. To be honest there is nothing wrong with it. But somehow I felt that isn’t those life skills very common among all of us, but I guess not.

Both my parents are working parents so there are times when I am alone at home or both of them are so tired to even cook food. I have been molded  (this would be the right word to us) in such a way that it doesn’t matter whether I have somebody or not ,I can take care of myself and others around me  and the most important survive on my own.

Now this might come as a surprise to many people who read this especially in India because I being a boy know how to cook, how to knit, how to stitch, how to handle small kids, how to make tea /coffee, how to broom etc. in most parts of our society a boy learning these basic skills is considered as taboo and the best reasoning that is given is that these type of work is for the feminine gender. But I beg to differ. I guess my mother’s replies would prove that these so called ‘girls work “is actually survival skills meant for everyone. Whenever people say to her that don’t pester your son by making him do these things, my mother always replies one thing “I don’t have a girl so my son does the household work, what is wrong in that. I am just making him independent.” And to be very frank this is the reality.


If someone would have asked me four years from now whether I love these life skills or not, my answer would have been negative but over the years my perspective regarding this aspect has gone a drastic change, a change for the better. I have benefited a lot from these habits and skills and have realized that they hold an immense value in our day to day life. People can rely on me because they know that I am capable enough to carry out those tasks on my own. The one thing that I hate the most is being dependent on anyone and therefore being independent gives me the freedom to do my own work myself and  not sit empty handed waiting for somebody’s help. What I believe is that if there is anyone in this universe that can help is then that is you, yourself.

In the end it depends in the way we are molded by our parents, we can be dependent till the end of our lives or start being independent at a very young age.

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