Never have expectations

We all have dreams and aspiration that we desire to be fulfilled and I am pretty sure that there isn’t a single one who doesn’t have a dream, maybe not for their own self but maybe for someone else.

So New Year is  here and we now step into a year that has lots of possibilities stacked for us. We all on this day wish that everything that happens in this New Year happen for good and this is also the time when we reflect at our mistakes and hope to learn from them in this fresh year.

Now the thing that I guess will make all of us happy is to introduce a change in our life and that is NEVER EXPECT anything. Have you ever wondered why we feel hurt, the most common reason that I can make out is that we all have expectation of some kind or the other. And when those expectations are not fulfilled we feel lost and sad. So why not do things without expecting anything in return .

This is what I do

I LOVE someone without asking their love back

I TRUST someone without expecting their trust back

I CARE for someone without asking their care in return

I GIVE without expecting anything back in return

I DO everything without thinking what will I get.

And this is the true mantra because when there are no hopes ,no dreams are shattered

So this year add this things to your resolution because trust me it will give happiness everyday and everywhere in your life. Well then keep on loving others and caring for others because that makes you a good human being

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