No Title for this ONE!


Have you ever felt that you are replaceable?

Have you ever felt afraid of losing someone?

Have you ever felt that someone would steal your “the one”?

Now if you are reading this, then let me tell you one thing right in the start that you will not find any inspiration or motivation in this article, you will just find weakness and fear. This is going to be a random piece which will have no starting and no ending and know what so ever connection. This is my attempt to break free of certain things that I feel.

For the last few days something is just making me go crazy. Certain things keep on bothering and troubling. I have started feeling simply inferior, all I see is faults in me and deep down I sense that I am not good at all. I have fears of losing someone , I fear that if I don’t talk to the one , I may be replaced , I may be forgotten .

Maybe I feel desperation, maybe I am just weak. For the first time I have started feeling jealous, hate the way I talk and have conversation. Whenever I look around, I just find that I am not interesting and fun to talk too. When I look around, I just don’t fit. I don’t share in conversation and I cannot understand it.

I guess I am over possessive, I guess I have no control over my feelings and the thought of losing someone really freaks me out. I know that this article is rubbish and even when I am writing this I know I am weak.

Am I alone? Do I really think that everything is lie? I have started feeling dizzy, I have started being insecure over the fact that the person whom I find special will meet someone else and leave. I have stopped having trust on myself, all I feel is fear and I sense rejection. All these things deep inside me surface again and again

Am I not good enough? All I feel is that I lack everything. all I do is push people away with my behavior and disappoint .For the first time in my life I have written an article not with the intention that people should read it but with the intention that I pen down everything dark thing that I have within me.

Having said this I am relieved.



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