Pulwama attack

Valentine’s day is something that couples across the world look forward to. But what started as the day of love  ,kisses and red heart soon turned into a tragic day where black colour became the symbol.

Its been more than a week since the convoy of CRPF was rammed by a vehicle carrying IED(Improvised Explosive Device).It is the deadliest  attack on the defense force where 40 soldiers lost their lives and many more wounded .I have been wishing to write on this shocking event since the day of the attack but as I had exams going on , I could not find time to pen it down.

Its difficult to put the anger that I have within me into words and to be honest words will fall short in expressing it and anything I say would never be enough to do justice. I mean how do we deal with the realization that 40 brave soldiers died because they were posted in Jammu and Kashmir for my and every Indian’s safety. I did not know any soldiers a week back but when I saw their photos and the news,my heart bled and anger gushed through my veins .If this is my condition,that is a condition of a total stranger then I can scarcely imagine what their families ,friends and comrades are going through.

It won’t be wrong to say that this act of terrorism is a disgusting ,horrifying and cowardly act

Since that day of the attack people in India have been united and on the streets and have demanded strict action and revenge against the terror haven ‘Pakistan’.Now I don’t know how I should feel because at one end its good to see that people understand and realize the sacrifice made by our soldiers and at least one time stand united for the sake of our country and at the same time its heart breaking to see wives ,mothers and children crying over the body wrapped in tricolor.There is sorrow but anger in your hearts and minds now.

Death scares everyone and losing your dear one is not easy but what is horrific is that the situation when you don’t even have the body to hold and cry for the one last time .There were coffins which were sent empty to their families

I will keep this short but post more article related to this soon . To sum up ,I’ll mention one incident .After that attack I was going through quora and I came across a question which asked the percentage of Muslims in the army. To this one person answered there are 0% Muslims and 0% Hindus in the army. They are all HINDUSTANI.

And no doubt,

They are always there to always protect us.



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