We give back what you deserve!

How’s the josh? Now this is something that we all Indians are familiar with and over the few months we have made this statement quite common in our daily talks. And what can be a better occasion that today when the Indian Air Force’s brave hearts invaded the Pakistani Airspace and destroyed Terrorist organization Jaish E Mohammed’s Training camps situated deep inside Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

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This was the outcome that the people of India wanted and I guess whatever we say will never be enough to applaud the feat achieved by our air warriors .Now something that is trending in the PUBG affected country like India is “Learn How to play PUBG from the India Air force, 20 minutes and 350 kills , WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER “ and how wonderfully it sums up the strike carried out today in the early hours of the day when the whole world was sleeping . The hilarious part is that the terrorists too did not have any clue and were peacefully sleeping in their camps when death walked and stood right in front of them to take them to a place that they deserve. I had my annual examinations result today but when I woke up in the morning and found what has happened I completely forgot that I had to go to the school to get my result , so I guess you all can imagine how happy I am.

And to be honest ,it is a day that every Indian should be joyful and proud of because we have shown the world that we are no longer the oppressed country who would go on begging for peace but a country which is highly capable of protecting its assets and carrying out strikes if necessary in its self protection.I mean we all in the country had trust in our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that he will do something about this issue but nobody anticipated that this honour of taking revenge will be handed over to Air Force . Somehow I had a gut instinct that maybe the Air Force will be the one who will do something this time because just after the Pulwama attack the Air Chief Marshal issued a statement saying that they will take revenge at an appropriate time and at the same time the army chief said nothing.


I just feel that this is the golden era of the elite forces .They are given opportunity to do something that they were trained for .It’s a dream for a fighter pilot to be able to operate in a combat and conduct air strikes and they were given this opportunity today . I am overwhelmed also because of the fact that the jets MIRAGE 2000 were flown from a base near the city where I stay.This may be a small thing but this really means a lot to me.

One thing that the world should understand is and I guess we have made it clear by today’s  preemptive strikes that we are against terrorism and not against any particular country even if it is Pakistan because it’s a fact that both the sides want peace but we also need to the world to understand that if we have to take steps to counter terrorism ,we will  take them.

Today is a day that we as the citizens of the country should celebrate and let our neighbors , countrymen know how happy we are .Lets light up a lamp for the start of a significant war against terrorism.

And To the India Air force


Would love to know your what you have say .Feedback is most welcome.


6 thoughts on “We give back what you deserve!

  1. Mahak sahu says:

    Congratulations to the armed forces and to all of us. This is a great day for every Indian and a great post Rushaan, well done. 😊


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