This is how I keep myself real

Ever wondered the way we portray our self, is it our real self? Do people really see the real personality that we all have? If not, then I guess we all must take out time from our busy schedules and think about this fact. I guess I won’t be wrong to say if I say that for a lot of people ,things lose their importance if that particular thing be it any event, food item or anything if it’s not instagrammable or does not have the potential to fetch us likes on facebook or get tweets on twitter.

It has become a common trend for all of us that if we are out somewhere, we would be so engrossed in taking pictures and capturing shots that we often forget to enjoy the moment, yeah I agree that we should capture memories that will stay with us forever but I don’t think that means we shouldn’t enjoy and fell what is really taking place in reality. I have come across folks who are obsessed to such an extent that they would give you updates about every single thing that they are eating, drinking and even give you details about when is their loo time and pee breaks .LOL

My mum always tells me to click some snaps wherever I go and most of time I don’t take pictures because I am so lost in living the moment . I remember is grade 11 , when the whole grade was giving farewell to grade 12 , I being the assistant head boy was on organizing committee and till the end I ensured that the program went well .And in my work I forgot to take pictures or even ask my friends to click some solo snaps . When I came back home I realized that I did not have much memories captured on the camera and I regretted that when I was busy at work, others were smart enough to get themselves clicked. But I was happy with the fact that at least I had the satisfaction of doing quality work and capturing memories with my eyes rather than through lens.


I read somewhere that nobody’s pictures are as good as their facebook or whatsapp’s DP and nobody looks as horrible as the picture in their school identity cards. And it’s so damn true. We let others see what we wish them to see and it’s obvious who would show their bad side. Most of the times we pretend to be someone whom we are not. There have been instances where I couldn’t recognize people on instagram and when I saw them in reality. And in most of the cases, the virtual identity turned out to be more attractive than the real identity although its reverse is also true (as I have seen an exception).

So the question is ARE WE AFRAID TO SHOW THE PERSON WE REALLY ARE? I believe yes because we think that maybe the society won’t like us the way we are and in turn try to be someone who is likeable according to society. WE ARE SCARED TO BE LONELY and terrified to show our flaws. We always try to put our best version front but we fail to understand one crucial thing i.e, our best version is the version which shows that you are not perfect but that you are real. Few years back I used to do a lot to get attention , I tried hard to fit in , I tried to change and I tried to hide my flaws but to be honest now I don’t really care. THIS is me! This is how I am, this is the real me. If you like me, I love you back .If you don’t, that’s not my problem .But if you hate me, I won’t hate you back if you are a person who is real.

Lets tell others this is the real us. We got nothing g to hide. We are all open books, we have nothing to pretend


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