Chandrayaan 2

Last night the mission Chandrayaan 2 of Indian Space Research Organisation was the trending thread across all social media platforms. This is because Chandrayaan 2’s lander Vikram was supposed to make a soft landing on the surface of the moon at around 1.44 am IST. Being an Indian I was overenthusiastic and I felt blessed because yesterday was my 18th birthday. Now, this mission is considered a giant step in Indian space research because of its complexity and the fact that this mission was fully indigenous.


I was actually tired as I had spent the whole day celebrating my birthday . Though my body was indeed tired but my mind was enthused and curious about the things I was going to witness at midnight. But its also a universal truth that not everything goes as planned. During the fine braking phase just 2.1 km away from the moon’s surface ISRO lost all communications with Vikram which has not been established as yet

The world along with the whole of India was watching these events unfold. As I was glued to the television screen,  the moment connection was lost, the face of each and every scientist was covered with horror and disappointment. They could sense that perhaps their hard work would not pay off despite reaching so close. It was heartbreaking to see those faces which were jolly few seconds before and which now were converted into dull and sad faces. As we waited things slowly became less cloudy and it looked like that we might have lost our lander and one part of this historic mission was unsuccessful. The reason I say one part was unsuccessful is because the mission consisted of three parts- orbiter, lander, and the rover. The orbiter is fully functional and would provide its data to the command center for a year.

The reason why I feel that every Indian should be proud is that we, as a space country have never maveoured descent and this mission was different as we were supposed to not just place the spacecraft in the orbit but also land it vertically on the surface in the presence of lunar gravitational force. Being a physics student I could understand the complexities of the mission to some extent but for a normal person, I would say, we did not have any experience in this field yet we came so near,  which in itself is a great achievement.

Now I would like to draw the attention of everybody to the most shameful incident which took place yesterday at ISRO’s press conference. After the connections with Vikram were lost,   ISRO PRO came to inform about the situation and notify the media that the scheduled press conference was put on hold. Upon hearing one journalist insensitively asked that official as to why  K Sivan (the chairman ) was not there to inform about the failure and why was a junior official informing this to the media. Upon hearing this question, the official was dumbstruck, speechless and very embarrassed. He himself was battling with the disappointment and that rude and insensitive question made him feel so uncomfortable. I was so furious at that time that if I was present there, I would have literally slapped that guy. It was heartbreaking to see that none of the journalists protested while this question was being asked. They criticized it later but that in vain as the damage was already done. I can hardly imagine how deeply it must have hurt that official and how deeply it hurt the morale of our space agency ISRO. 

Its time that we all stand up in solidarity and let the genius scientists of our country know that the nation is with them even if they did not get the desired result. They should be commended on the fact that they have the courage to venture alone in the dark and reach so close at such minimal expense. My heart bled when I saw the pictures of K Sivan breaking down in front of our Prime Minister Modi. I could see the pain and the hard work of all these years that had been put in this mission.

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Its time we show that we have not given up on them and we will surely reach the moon one day. And I  can surely say that, that particular day is not far. Lets all spread this message and article so that the masterminds and genius scientists of our country know that we are WITH THEM ALWAYS!!!!





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