Thinking Hard

Hey guys,

I hope you all are doing well and moving out only when its really necessary because Corona is still very much alive in our society therefore extreme care must be taken . I guess majority of us would agree that this pandemic made us reflect on a lot many things be it the way we live, be it the things we do , be it our habits or be it our work routine . During this unprecedented event we all have thought a lot about a lot of things . I did too. Our mind is a universe in itself and it’s working every second of the day whether we are aware of it or not . And most of the times it’s a cluster of loose thoughts which are not related to each other

People advice us all the time that we must think before doing anything . But I guess we should think even before we start thinking something . It’s important that our thoughts are organised and at the same time positive . I also agree that its sometimes necessary to imagine worst case scenarios to be better prepared for any kind of mishap but that should be left for rare occasions.

Another thing which I believe is that our thought process should be in the present and not in the past or future .See, the past is gone and it cannot be altered , the future is yet to come which depends on our present . There are numerous incidents when we mess up our present because of our past or because of the anxiety that future brings with it .

In my opinion introspecting is another crucial task in thought –building and in the evergreen process of thinking .If at the end of the day , you close your eyes and analyse your day or your own self in general , it is quite possible that you will became a better person .

“A man who cannot find faults in himself is a man who finds faults in everyone

But care must be taken that we don’t overdo it because that will have negative consequences. I remember that there were times when I lay awake at night thinking how stupidly I behaved or how inefficient my work was. Trust me it doesn’t help . It makes the matter worse and therefore a balance is needed

In the end , I would say our thoughts are our own . Our mind is our own .There is no limit to our thinking . We are free in our minds . Therefore run astray and achieve new heights.



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