The primary reason I started this blog in 2017 was to use it as a platform to express the things I had inside of me, vent out about the problems I faced and how I overcame them. I thought maybe someone else would relate with my content and it might help them. Over these years, I have found a number of people who could relate with my experiences and individuals who genuinely liked my literary works but despite that motivation and love from people around me, I was so engrossed in other things that I did not post on this blog on a regular basis, it has now become a matter of my mood rather than a matter of routine which I think it’s important to change. Every single day I have like tons of things that I wish to write but when I sit down and try to do that, I just don’t do it. If you have any experience in writing then I am sure you would agree that writing is an art and it’s a herculean task to get your thoughts in a sequence and pen them down. In simple words, writing anything is a big mental task and this is the reason I could not post the things which I had in my mind because I was too damn lazy to sit down, think and write. And to be honest it is not just with the blog but a number of things that I ought to do that get delayed simply because I postpone them for tomorrow and then the next day, the next day and so on and in the end, things turn out badly.

Procrastination is a big enemy for the humans out there because we think so much in our minds but we fail to execute it and in most of the cases it is simply because we always delayed it until it was really necessary. Now the tasks which have a fixed deadline like an assignment or an office project, they get completed by that time because the circumstances require us to do that but when the tasks like our life goals or maybe our career goals which do not have a set deadline   come into the picture, it becomes quite possible that these goals will remain unachieved till we die.

The biggest problem with me is that I always cry when the things get messed up and the really irritating part is that it happens all because of me. And then later on I wonder what’s the use of crying now. It is so important to have a fixed schedule if you genuinely want to achieve something big in your life and now that when I am in a law school where I am expected to read a large amount of text in a short amount of time and still perform well with a fresh mind over a long period of time, the importance of a fixed routine now has a special place in my heart. I hope you all don’t delay the work that you need to complete so that in the end you don’t cry but smile.



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