Be Calm and Be Cool

I have often heard this that you should never take an important decision when you are extremely happy or extremely sad and I guess I have mentioned this in my blogs a number of times so let’s talk about why it’s imperative to stay calm and stay cool. In life you come across a number of situations where you just lose your calm and act in the heat of the moment. It’s really important that we maintain our composure in adverse situations as it’s said a man’s true character becomes evident in adverse and challenging times. Any difficult situations can only be handled when the mind is at peace and when it can function without any emotional influence. The situations become worse when we don’t stay calm.

I remember during our exams a general tip which was given to all of us was that stay calm even when you are not able to answer the question given in the paper because if you panic, you would eventually mess up the rest of the paper.

In case of a fight, sometimes it’s better not to carry on with the argument or go on blaming in a fit of rage but rather back down and let the situation cool down. Sometimes when we think with a calm mind we avoid a number of future problems.

In case you come across a jerk that happens to irritate you or a horrible boss which is making your life hell , it’s important that you don’t act in a manner that can ruin your future and at the same time not worry and stay calm , trust me things would work out eventually.

In case if someone is just trying to antagonize you with an offensive manner or comments, it’s really useful that you keep your cool and don’t react, this type of attitude is the perfect weapon to handle these kinds of people and their behavior.

So this is a very short post at a time when this topic is very relevant as we all are struck at homes and when we are involved in lots of emotional fights and mental breakdowns ,

so keep this motto in your life




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