When it’s finally over

Finally, it’s over
And I look at the sight of the war
Is this what we fought for?
The Old clock tower where time breath
Seems to stop to mourn the death
With the sky so black and dark
With heavy rain and lighting sparks
Every house has a bullet mark
With no sign of a singing lark
All that remains are the shattered walls
Dead bodies where the insects crawl
The soil soaked in a pool of blood
With the tanks buried in hills of mud
As I look at my guns, the very guns
That killed so many mothers’ sons
My blood freezes.
The horror of killing flash before my eyes
Can still hear the enemy scream as he dies
The nights will now be sleepless
And life filled with evergreen distress
My friend lay dead beside me
Terror and Horror is all I can just see
What would I say to his dear?
Why couldn’t I save him when I was near?
Now not death, but war is what I fear


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