This time that we have on our hands has forced almost everyone to reflect upon their lives and their ways of living. The last few months have been tough for me because a lot of realizations came to me and I often spend endless nights keeping awake. I don’t know whether this habit is good or bad, but I overthink and I don’t forget things easily especially the things which I did wrong or where I was insulted or humiliated.  In other words, I am disturbed and the worst part of that I could not tell anybody about it, occasional talks with friends does calm me down but depression has become a constant companion.


But the truth was that my heart really did not like studying those subjects, I had given up the aim of joining the armed forces through NDA and I never had passion for pursuing engineering. I had to force myself to sit and study and to be honest it seemed like a herculean task. It won’t be wrong to say that during those dreadful months of 12th I had zero concentration power which made the matters worse.

Attack on Arnab.

This incident raises some really serious questions as to are the journalists really unsafe in our country?. While I would also not dismiss the argument that this attack was staged.  The reason I say is because there is an air of suspicion regarding Arnab as there are some factual inaccuracy in his statements. The things I could pick up were firstly that security has been assigned to him yet the perpetrators managed to attack his car. Secondly, he being a media personnel, he is aware that in these times a video footage is like a priceless commodity but he doesn’t have footage showing the attack.

Anger spoils the game

have had personal experiences where I have done things which I never would have done otherwise; for example, recently I broke a Smartphone in my house and am sure you must think that it was a stupid act. Indeed it was that during this lockdown stage I did something like this but more importantly it happened to be something that I immediately regretted.


Gratitude is not merely uttering words but showing it through our actions and behavior. In this tough time of COVID 19, the word gratitude has become one of the most important and much-needed word now. I say this because of the fact that we, the common people are in our homes out of which the majority of us are safe and sound but yet there are people out there who are working tirelessly day and night for our safety.