Pulwama attack

Valentine’s day is something that couples across the world look forward to. But what started as the day of love  ,kisses and red heart soon turned into a tragic day where black colour became the symbol. Its been more than a week since the convoy of CRPF was rammed by a vehicle carrying IED(Improvised Explosive … Continue reading Pulwama attack


No Title for this ONE!

  Have you ever felt that you are replaceable? Have you ever felt afraid of losing someone? Have you ever felt that someone would steal your “the one”? Now if you are reading this, then let me tell you one thing right in the start that you will not find any inspiration or motivation in … Continue reading No Title for this ONE!

Being Independent

Both my parents are working parents so there are times when I am alone at home or both of them are so tired to even cook food. I have been molded  (this would be the right word to us) in such a way that it doesn’t matter whether I have somebody or not ,I can take care of myself and others around me  and the most important survive on my own.