But the truth was that my heart really did not like studying those subjects, I had given up the aim of joining the armed forces through NDA and I never had passion for pursuing engineering. I had to force myself to sit and study and to be honest it seemed like a herculean task. It won’t be wrong to say that during those dreadful months of 12th I had zero concentration power which made the matters worse.


Gratitude is not merely uttering words but showing it through our actions and behavior. In this tough time of COVID 19, the word gratitude has become one of the most important and much-needed word now. I say this because of the fact that we, the common people are in our homes out of which the majority of us are safe and sound but yet there are people out there who are working tirelessly day and night for our safety.

Trek to Amargarh

So on Saturday, we all reached our common meeting point from which we were supposed to catch our bus and reach the base village at around 6:30 am. Now I was the first to arrive and stood there waiting. At the bus terminal, many folks come to catch their buses but my eyes were glued to the attire of people because I had arrived at a conclusion that whoever was in track pants or sports clothing was going to be with me on the trip (this method is weird right?). Later the team gathered all of us and then we played a small game called “Fire in the mountain” to break the ice i,e to get to know each other and become familiar. It was a really fun activity and by the end, I was pally with almost everyone.