Thinking Hard

Another thing which I believe is that our thought process should be in the present and not in the past or future .See, the past is gone and it cannot be altered , the future is yet to come which depends on our present . There are numerous incidents when we mess up our present because of our past or because of the anxiety that future brings with it .


But the truth was that my heart really did not like studying those subjects, I had given up the aim of joining the armed forces through NDA and I never had passion for pursuing engineering. I had to force myself to sit and study and to be honest it seemed like a herculean task. It won’t be wrong to say that during those dreadful months of 12th I had zero concentration power which made the matters worse.

Polyandrous Queens -Why not?

Now, this particular thing caught my attention and upon hearing the name “Elizabeth”, Queen Elizabeth popped up in my mind. Then somehow I tried to ask myself that did she marry seven times? But soon realized that she did not, she just had one husband. This realization gave rise to yet another interesting thought in my mind as to why didn’t the queens in the royal era have multiple husbands just like their contemporary male rulers. I made my mother aware of this peculiar thought and then she began to answer my query.

Quotes Post #1

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You all might probably know that powerful sayings and quotes do make a positive impact in our lives. So keeping this in my mind I have started an Instagram page 

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We all need to sit down and think when this sick mentality entered the minds of the youngsters. They are to be blamed but their parents are to be blamed as well. One of my friends was fiercely arguing with me the other day that parents should not be held accountable and in any case, they cannot be blamed because they had no clue as to what their boys were up to.