Being Human

This incident is very recent and fresh in my mind, Today we had a screening of a film at  our school , we all were very excited and were eagerly waiting for it . After reaching school I got to know that the movie would be screened after the recess. Finally the due time came. It was a movie that was made by CIFS for moral values.

The movie moved me in many ways , it made me realize that we are selfish , I am selfish.  The plot of the movie was about the various things and chores that our mothers’ do for us and in return ask for nothing but we often take her for granted and do not give the respect and honor that she deserves. I just felt connected to the characters and could see the things that I often ignore in my house regarding my mother.  

The speech given by the Chief guest of the progamme was something unexpected , as we all aware of the fact that we don’t like long  speeches but this one was something  that made us analyze our self and at the same time encouraged us to not just do things for our self but also for those who are less fortunate than us.

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I don’t belong to a very rich family having loads of dough but I belong to a humble dwelling where whatever I need is provided  to me. I should thank God for giving me the chance to be in a good family and my parents who do things for me regardless of what the circumstances are. I am fortunate to be in a house , to be able to go to school and to be able to eat good food.

There are lakhs of children who die because of hunger, who don’t have shelter, who don’t have a family. These thoughts just make me wanna cry but it’s a reality we cannot deny. My aim is now to help others and share my happiness.



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Am just a teen with big thoughts but lacking a elaborate plan to carry out my ideas regarding social service. Would love to hear your suggestions, please do share your ideas.




5 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. Smitha V says:

    It’s wonderful to see that a movie moved you so much that you felt the need to change. As long as it’s not a fleeting thought, it will guide all your actions and you will achieve your goal of helping people in need. They are everywhere waiting to be helped.

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